I remember clearly stepping out of the massive hospital in Govan one day and the Lord speaking to me and telling me the day was coming when His people would close such hospitals down.

This, of course, ties in with a prophetic word attributed to Smith Wigglesworth in which he predicted that in the coming revival believers would walk in such power they would shut hospitals down.

Since then the Lord has given me a very specific vision for Glasgow, which is often dubbed “the sick man of Europe” due to the poor health and poverty that blights so many of its population.

In a nutshell, God has told me it is His will that Glasgow become a centre of world healing, a place where people come from all over the world to receive miracles and healings, especially of conditions deemed incurable by the medical profession.

This will not be just the responsibility of one ministry or church.  It should be noted that  Victory Christian Centre is located right on the doorstep of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children.

I believe that the healing anointing will be poured out in such a measure in Glasgow that there will be a partnership between the hospitals and the churches that will be fountains of divine healing in the city. There have already been cases where this has been foreshadowed, where prayer combined with skilled surgery and medicine has produced miracles of healing and recovery.

Glasgow will be known throughout the earth as a place to come to if you want to be healed.

This necessitates a complete turnaround of the present poor condition of Glasgow in terms of health, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse. Sometimes in order to see the purpose of God in a place, we only need to look at what the devil is getting up to there.

The attack on the health of those who dwell in Glasgow is going to be wiped out! The culture of ill health, bad eating habits and poverty will be no more. Glasgow will be a place of life, healing, health and beauty.

Believe God for a mighty outpouring of healing power in and from Glasgow today!

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