One night in late 2017 I was in a Corporate Prayer Meeting in my home church at Victory Christian Centre when I saw a vision of angels on the top of the building. They flew out across the city and, as they did so, they unfurled a massive banner across the city that had “Property of the Body of Christ” emblazoned on it. This was an exciting incentive for Victory Glasgow in what was quite an awesome prayer meeting but, although the angels very clearly flew out from Victory Christian Centre, I firmly believed then and now that Glasgow belongs to the whole Body in the city, not just my home church.

It is time that we Christians in Glasgow understood the vital truth that this city belongs to us and it belongs to our Lord. Jesus is Lord of Glasgow and that truth must be proclaimed in every corner of the city.

The famous song about Glasgow is “I Belong To Glasgow,” a cheerful yet also poignant ditty sung by a drunk man with the line, “Glasgow belongs to me.”

The truth is that Glasgow does not belong to the drunk man, nor to the drug addict. It certainly doesn’t belong to the devil. As the vision I received makes abundantly clear: Glasgow belongs to God’s people in the city.

The question is: Do we want it enough to step up and make our claim?

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