Vision For Glasgow

I am reminded of God’s instruction to Amos when He told him to Write the vision down and make it plain… that he may run who reads it (Amos 2:2).

This site is about some dreams, visions and words the Lord has given me over the past few years in regards to the city of Glasgow.

The Lord has impressed upon me the need to collate these in this blog so that others may read and run with the exhilarating vision God has given me. I should say that I was initially going to put these things in a book but there is an ongoing dynamic which is better suited to a blog format.

My background spiritually and otherwise connects me with Glasgow in myriad ways, although I was born in Edinburgh.

In the autumn of 2015 I had a dream in which the Lord showed me where revival would break out in Glasgow. I will share more on this later but this began a chain of events and encounters which led to me writing this message.

This dream was quite remarkable, though just receiving it and sharing it with others was something I paid a heavy price for in terms of spiritual attacks.

What is important in terms of the revival that many believers are crying out for and expecting is that we position ourselves to receive it.

I have had the privilege of meeting other believers who are being positioned by the Lord to steward what many of us believe will be a coming awakening to Scotland and the city of Glasgow. Indeed, as I recently shared with a couple of leaders separately, I am impressed by the Lord of a CONVERGENCE into a wineskin that can hold what God is going to pour out in these days.

It is an exciting time to be in Glasgow. Keep coming back to this blog to read of exhilarating things God is showing myself and others. And feel free to share in the Comments section.

glas hdr

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